Facilitating Customers to reshape their insurance business to align with the pace of digital transformation

A technology partner to help insurers re-imagine strategy, processes, technology, people, analytics and customer experience to adapt to the future of digital insurance

    Some of the industries we work with

    Digital innovation is key to winning customers and creating new revenue streams.
    Insurers are hence adopting digital to transform their future, to enhance their customer experience and to improve operational efficiencies.

    Life and Annuities

    By enabling agents, developing self-service customer portals, and application management/maintenance, Fulcrum Digital has helped organizations like yours deliver smooth and effective experience to your customers and to your agents as well. The results have been streamlined operations, reduced operating expenses, modernized systems and accelerated time-to-market at scale.

    Property and Casualty

    Fulcrum Digital’s P&C solutions have covered the entire value chain from distribution through underwriting. Through managed services, insurance operations and robotic process automation (RPA), we have helped our customers’ clients deliver a seamless experience. Partner with us today.


    Pets are members of the family, and more families are insuring their pets. We’ve ensured that our customers’ Insurance systems are geared to handle them with the same sensitivity, accuracy, and effectiveness. Fulcrum Digital has worked on blood strain risk model, underwriter risk models and enabling web portal. Learn more.

    New Customer Acquisition

    Underwriting and Retention


    Enhance your customer experience

    with help of

    emerging technologies









    Fulcrum Digital Insurance consultants help clients identify new ways to stay ahead of the most complex issues – across areas of analytics, business model transformation, customer experience transformation, technology transformation and others









    What makes our clients work with us?

    • Superior processes and next gen technologies
    • A team with a combined 1,000 years of industry experience
    • Deep customer relationship

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