Education is the first milestone towards a progressive future!

While we are dedicated to providing customer value through our digital offerings, we are also committed to creating value in lives of the less privileged sections of the society in all the communities that we operate in.

Our efforts are primarily focused on holistic education towards which we have collaborated with partners committed to this cause, like Pune City Connect and DOMAN International.

In addition we have also adopted a village in Maharashtra, India. Fulcrum Foundation ensures the well-being of the families residing in the village.


Our Initiatives


In Association with Door Step School

In collaboration with our NGO partner, Door Step School, a flea market designed for students of this school was set up at our Pune facility. Door Step School caters to the education of children from extremely marginalized and underprivileged backgrounds in the age group of 6-14 years old. We’re happy to make a difference in our own little way.

Joy of Giving

Our team has decided to bring smiles to the lives of many kids in our area. We call this initiative ‘The Joy of Giving’. Our employees generously donate good quality stationery and fresh food to Balkalyan Sanstha, an NGO school for specially abled children. Volunteers also spend some of their free time visiting children of the school. The joy, mutually shared during these visits, is a priceless experience to both our employees and the children themselves.


Charity begins at home

We think it’s imperative to contribute towards the welfare and development of the less privileged. After a grassroots survey, we adopted 12 families in Maharashtra and our employees have been supporting them – getting them out of the financial and health doldrums first and then enabling their overall development. A small and focused effort - but in our view comprehensive and tangible. We plan to grow this larger and deeper.

Pune City Connect (PCC)

Pune City Connect is a not-for-profit company that has been set up to enable different stakeholders for social development – the Government, CSR arms of Corporates, NGOs for their subject matter and Citizens as volunteers – to work collectively towards three development areas of Quality Education, Digital Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihood. The objective is, through these three tracks, to enable city transformation and inclusive growth.

Fulcrum Digital, through the Foundation, is a Corporate CSR partner and is also leveraging its technology expertise to help develop a technology platform for PCC to enable them to manage their two main programs – the Lighthouse and Digital Empowerment – helping to track the journey of a student in the slums to the corporate world, and eventually to a better life. These services were provided to PCC pro bono by Fulcrum Digital to aid in their efforts of social development.


Cleanliness Drive

For many of us, our workplace is our home away from home, and it is important to keep the vicinity around the office clean – not just inside the building, but in the surrounding community as well! We organize frequent cleanliness drives, where employees volunteer and join hands in cleaning the office premises and its neighborhood.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

Pune City Connect is immensely grateful to Fulcrum for their unstinted and spontaneous support whether it is about sponsoring youth to run a marathon, providing space for women entrepreneurs to put up stalls in the office premises, or helping with our technology platform. Underlying this attitude is a deep and genuine desire to contribute and give back to society. It is this resonance that makes it such a wonderful partnership!

- Pune City Connect (PCC)

How Can You Contribute?

We always welcome individuals and volunteers who are willing to help us create value in lives of the less privileged sections of the society.
If you would like to help, please reach out to today or fill out the below form!