Fulcrum Digital is a leading IT services and business platform company. We partner with global companies from diverse industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, higher education, food services, retail, manufacturing, and eCommerce. With expertise in digital transformation, machine learning, and emerging technologies, we offer a consulting-led, integrated suite of enterprise-grade software products, services, and solutions.

Founded in 1999, Fulcrum Digital has over 1000 employees, empowering more than 100 global clients from its facilities in the US, LATAM, Europe, and India. Our baked-in agility, technology prowess, innovation culture enables us to deliver business value to clients – rapid digital acceleration, faster products to the market, reduced cost of ownership, and scale businesses beyond geographies. As an expeditious company, we continuously adapt and mature our practice, striving to become the leading digital transformation authority in the global marketplace.


Teamwork, Collaboration & Fun
Foster a reputation of reliability and dependability
Challenge yourself every day & unleash your potential
Perfection isn’t a goal, it’s our standard
Trust, Transparency & Risk
Uphold fair practices & build trust
Innovation & Continuous Learning
Master a mindset of adaptive growth

Mission, Vision & Values

  • F

    Foster A Fun, Community Environment (Teamwork)

  • U

    Unite Towards a Common Purpose and Goals (Collaboration)

  • L

    Lead The Way and Learn From Failure (Growth)

  • C

    Challenge Yourself Every Day and Unleash Your Potential (Growth)

  • R

    Recognize Your Impact, Accomplishments, and Accountability (Quality)

  • U

    Uphold Fair Practices and Build Trust (Trust and Transparency)

  • M

    Master A Mindset Of Adaptive Growth (Innovation and Learning)

Our CEO, Dhana Kumarasamy, discusses how Fulcrum transforms the end-customer experience.

Leadership Team

Dhana Kumarasamy

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Morris

CEO, Redstage

CP Jois



Group Chief Financial Officer

Bhimesh Karadi


Anand Mitkari

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Board of Directors

Rajesh Sinha


Ian Worden

Advisory to the board

Dhana Kumarasamy


Anthony Latona

CMO & Controller, REDSTAGE

Adam Morris

CEO, Redstage

Customer Advisory Board

Marc Adee

Advisory to the board


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We strive to be not only thought leaders in the tech industry, but a great place to work as well. Here are our accolades and accomplishments that reflect this commitment to both our customers and employees.