Digital Accelerators

Explore our IT Service suite used to transform niche industry disruptors through to leading global conglomerates.

Service Landscape

Tap into the Fulcrum network for ad-hoc projects or continuous needs to accelerate your digital journey.

Platform Engineering​​

Build and deploy exact-fit business platforms faster and at lower cost with or without our renowned development approach powered by FulcrumOne, our low-code accelerator development platform.

Platform Implementation

We help bring better products faster to the market by integrating industry leading platforms including Adobe Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce and Shopify. ​​

Digital Consultancy​​

Over 45 assessment focus areas to help understand company’s digital maturity and scale it with our world-class business and technology consulting.​​


Deliver applications faster with end-to-end test automation & reporting, DevOps methodologies, and best practices.​​

Intelligent Automation

Work with specialized teams for automating your business processes through latest automation technologies such as RPA, AI/ML, BPM, and more.​

Cloud Engineering

As Microsoft Gold and AWS Partners, Fulcrum’s teams are well equipped to help develop, manage, and maintain the core digital infrastructure that supports your business.​

Quality Engineering Practice

Using testing automation methods wherever possible, our QE Practice allows you to outsource the challenge of ensuring complete accessibility to your digital applications.

Enterprise Integrations​​

Having evolved from application developers and system integrators since 1999, we specialize in providing fully integrated digital ecosystems that eliminate business redundancies.

Legacy Modernization​

Break free from outdated and unscalable legacy systems, supported by our consulting-led approach to help design application modernization roadmaps that minimize business disruption.​

Security Operations (SecOps)​

Safeguard business-critical information from falling into the wrong hands and damaging your reputation or exposing sensitive data.

Innovation Lab

Benefit from our multi-industry vantage point and verticalized Centers of Excellence to help you apply cutting-edge technologies in new ways to help you outpace digital disruption.

Creative Services

Tap into Fulcrum’s Creative Hub for AR/VR apps, UX/UI services, brand identity development, and more to revolutionize engagement and captivate your audiences.

Global Centers of Excellence

Our CoE’s are internal structures that connect our top subject matter experts across each of our core verticals, to ensure best-in-class practices and development methodologies are disseminated globally, bringing the Fulcrum community up together.

On top of verticalized CoE’s, we also have dedicated Fulcrum Labs for domain experts to collaborate and sandbox cutting-edge ideas and execution methods together, no matter where they’re positioned globally.

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Let's Talk

Drop us your details and one of the Fulcrum team will reach out within one working day.

    Let's Talk

    Drop us your details and one of the Fulcrum team will reach out within one working day.