A Solution Development Platform that Provides the
building blocks of Digital Transformation

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How does it work?

FulcrumOne offers Reusability, Acceleration and, Scalability in
One. Enabling you to operate your business faster, cheaper and

Horizontal and industry vertical components to deliver not just a
technology solution, but a business solution.

Integrate all your digital transformation needs into one centralized
low code business platform

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The Building Blocks
of Success

Using a low-code platform core, plug and play any components to assemble the right solution needed to meet your business goals


With little to no coding required, development can be done faster than ever before, reducing the time to market for your new ideas!

Efficiency and

Take any of our pre-built components and integrate as needed. No need to develop something from scratch! FulcrumOne enables your developers to work smarter, not harder!



Leveraging the principles of cloud elasticity ensures that your software is reliable and up to the task. Scale your platform and components up or down any time as needed.

Save Time and Reduce Cost

Our clients using FulcrumOne enjoy the benefits of reusable components, development acceleration, and scalable architecture all in one powerful business tool!

  • Faster time to market for solution development
  • Cost reduction and less development time with Workflow-based Engineering
  • Rapid solutioning to ensure you’re hitting your SLAs


Compared to other applications, FulcrumOne enables relative simplicity in how it helps clients in solving business problems. Its powerful and straightforward architecture gives clients the ability to focus more on how to address complex business needs rather than concern themselves with application complexity.

Assess, Adopt and Accelerate

Whether you’re looking to build a new digital platform for your business or buy one of our industry-specific fully functional platforms, FulcrumOne can deliver it to you by leveraging its domain expertise and digital partner ecosystem.

With a detailed assessment of your enterprise technologies and business processes, we can find the right way forward for you.


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