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Digital business has improved many ways of life – from offering connected healthcare services to making factories more efficient. However, digital business is more than just digitalizing and connecting products, services and processes. Digital business also makes certain business models become very competitive and sometimes dominant.

How can your enterprise seek to gain the benefits of platform business models? The degree of viability of the platform business model has much more to do with business model elements than with digital technology. Let’s explore here how the various layers operate.

States of digital matter
“Solid Liquid Gas”


The Data Layer

With a data structure comprising big data, this element includes both data science and intelligent data; today we call this machine learning.


The Logic Layer

There is a ‘data handshake’ between the solid and liquid layers, where robots (RPA), AI, automation, SaaS apps, DevOps, chatbots and other smart software retrieve information from an ocean of intelligent data. This handshake is necessary to translate the raw data so it can be interpreted by applications to create an experience for a specific medium.


The Experience Layer

The information translated by the logic is moulded by the applications to take the form of whatever container you put them in, much like gaseous matter. Now, what was once solid, formless data can be interpreted by the software of its container and displayed on phones, tablets, desktop computers, smart watches, IoT devices, the cloud, virtual reality, augmented reality and more.

FulcrumOne – How does it work?

FulcrumOne Platform built on services-based principles and architecture consists of an interoperable set of services that can be brought together to create apps and workflows based on the specific client need and context. A symbiotic set of technology capabilities and components form the platform. A services-first versus applications-first mind-set is one of the main attributes of this loosely coupled, interoperable platform – much like Lego blocks (services) that can be easily rearranged to meet different needs. The openness and composite nature of FulcrumOne is ideally suited to the external-facing capabilities required by new digital business processes, moments and models.

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FulcrumOne leverages technological advantages



Serverless Computing


Through the various containers it delivers microservices for various business functionalities for specific domain led features like inventory management for the supply chain industry, recipe management and menu management for food services, student management for the education sector etc.

FulcrumOne Advantages





Platforms may not typically be purchased from a technology vendor as a single unit, but what if you could? What if it was made that modular and convenient? That’s what FulcrumOne delivers with a strong digital partner ecosystem.

With a detailed assessment of the enterprise technologies and business processes you can find the right way forward for you.

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