Automating Hospitality Services with RPA

This is a privately owned company that started in 1975 serving a single hospital with a single service line.

Today, it provides hundreds of facilities with multiple service offerings such as housekeeping, culinary, patient flow, facilities, clinical/biomedical engineering, linen utilization and laundry management.

The client was facing a critical issue of reduced productivity and accuracy with technology advancement with respect to the following processes:

Supply Chain-PN1-Monthly Distribution Process | Finance-PN3-Financial Statement Distribution
Operations-PN4-Press Ganey Reports | Human Resource-PN5-Payroll Review

Having manual dependency, the client encountered the following issues on regular basis:

Manual Task Involved – Due to major dependency on manual operations, a lot of time was spent on this task. Also, when new resources were allocated, it involved additional training time to groom the new resources.

The Reality of Human Error – With any manual processes, there was always high risk of human errors. Automation assures the desired result is achieved each time.

Increased time consumption of FTE (Full Time Employees) – A lot of staff time was being spent on these manual processes. This resulted in reduced productivity in areas since employees are focused on doing the leg work rather than what can accelerate the organization.

Our Story

To address the issues faced by the client, Fulcrum Digital recommended a ‘Robotic Process Automation’ POC of the manual processes. Fulcrum’s team provided a roadmap to convert the AS-IS process to be fully handled by RPA. Being a certified partner of “UiPath”, Fulcrum understands the significant value it can deliver.

Technology Stack Used:

Technology – Process Automation with Robotics | Tools Used – UiPath

Business Benefits

Process: PN1-Monthly Distribution

Process: PN3-Financial Statement Distribution

Process: PN4-Press Ganey Reports

Process: PN5-Payroll Review


Increased efficiency and productivity

Accelerated cycle times for key processes, such as policy issuance,
claims processing and the financial reporting statement close

New and improved sales and customer service interactions and delivery models

Improved quality, consistency, transparency, and controls

Enhanced employee engagement and value contribution resulting from a reduction in time spent on administrative activities and an increase in focus on higher-value activities


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