The insurance industry’s rapid digital transformation relies heavily on data extraction technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) takes your data extraction and processing method much beyond your typical OCR solution.

Our 3rd Generation AI/ML Based Data Extraction Platform automates document onboarding, sorting, and analysis, making all your business workflows more efficient and effective, from insurance claim processing to customer support. It helps capture data more accurately from unstructured documents with unlimited variations, give meaning to that data, and apply it in ways that make your job more accessible and profitable. This helps avoid delays due to manual scanning of documents and provides shorter resolutions for diverse issues.

Improved Customer Experience

Your customers can quickly analyze scanned copies of insurance policy documents uploaded online, making the overall process faster and more efficient.

Unified Workflow

It manages large volumes of data within minutes, eliminating all kinds of errors to boost workflow efficiency. This helps to easily organize your data and call up any information as needed.

Fewer Risks

It keeps your documents digitally safe and decreases the risks of losing track of policies. This helps you how to deal with deceitful claims. 100% accuracy with 90% automation.

Enhanced Customer Service

It allows your customers to process their documents in an easy format, ready for use, increasing customer satisfaction and boosts your brand image.

High Precision

It transforms your bulk data into formats with data analytics. This helps deeply analyze historical data to predict your customer behavior, market trends, and major risks.

Profitability and Margins

It eliminates manual data entry mistakes and results in less time, workforce, and money spent dealing with the errors, helping get rid of all additional associated costs and boosts your profit margin.


Our 3rd Generation AI/ML Based Data Extraction Platform helps businesses beat digital disruption and drive change in their industry. It makes your job easier and efficient, provides better operations metrics with automation, and maximizes data extraction.

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