Fulcrum Digital partners with Global Gate, to help them leapfrog the digital maturity curve

November 03, 2021

Fulcrum Digital, a leading business platform, and digital engineering services company with a proven legacy of enabling digital transformation across sectors, partnered with Global Gate, a global investment management company, to accelerate a company-wide digital transformation.

This strategic collaboration aimed at designing a modernised IT ecosystem for Global Gate, one that would facilitate emerging technological requirements and deliver a superior customer experience. With over two decades of expertise in financial services, Fulcrum Digital was instrumental in improving the company’s digital maturity score to 135% in a period of 8 weeks. Global Gate’s association with Fulcrum Digital has enabled the organisation to innovate faster by making enterprise-grade, cloud-native applications available within a shorter time.

Fulcrum Digital identified six key areas using the Prioritization Matrix tool and Tri-layer assessment. Followed by, for merging the needs and processes at Global Gate, a customised asset called Digital Operating Model (DOM) was developed to execute the transformation. Fulcrum Digital proposed automation of various processes and built a roadmap showcasing several tools that would lead to seamless customer acquisition and onboarding.

business decision meeting
Rudy Sayegh
Founder of Global Gate

“With rapid changes in technology every day, adopting new ways to deliver the right solutions is key for any business. This ultimately has a strategic impact on how an organization differentiates itself from its competitors and drives greater value for its customers. Fulcrum Digital has helped us transform the way in which data is collected, shared, managed, and analysed, which has enabled us to tackle challenges through the data-driven decision making and achieve business excellence better, faster and easier than ever before, which has enabled us to tackle challenges through the data-driven decision making and achieve business excellence better, faster and easier than ever before.”

Rayan Kesrouani
Head of operations at Global Gate

“Fulcrum Digital’s collaborative approach, domain expertise, and business consultancy was key to choose them as our partner. This partnership has helped us cross significant milestones in our digital journey, which will help bring new levels of efficiency in our operations and create an enhanced customer experience.”

Rajesh Sinha
Founder and Chairman, Fulcrum Digital

“Exceeding customer expectations is essential for businesses to stay relevant. Increasingly, customers are demanding ubiquitous connectivity and signature digital experiences that need a modern digital infrastructure. Global Gate’s partnership with Fulcrum Digital is a defining step in their digital transformation journey as it implies building innovative solutions at a faster time to market. We are excited to collaborate with Global Gate, especially as we share the same vision of delivering value to customers in this dynamic market.”

About Global Gate

Global Gate is an investment firm that manages multiple asset classes through its group of companies. We specialize in real estate, private equity and wealth management. Our interests are fully aligned with those of our clients as we commit our own balance sheet alongside our investors.

About Fulcrum Digital:

Fulcrum Digital is a leading business platform and digital engineering services company. We partner with global companies from diverse industries: fintech, insurance, higher education, food services, and e-commerce.

Founded in 1999, Fulcrum Digital has 1300+ employees, empowering 100+ global clients from its facilities in the US, LATAM, Europe and India. With expertise in digital transformation, machine learning and emerging technologies, we offer a consulting-led, integrated suite of enterprise-grade software products, services, and solutions.