Voxta partners with FD

August 04, 2022
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Voxta Voce, an innovative organization that helps companies support millions of customers using automated voice bots and chatbots, has announced a partnership with Fulcrum Digital, a leading business platform, and digital engineering company.

Voxta has helped large organizations support customer queries in 10 languages using its voice and chat solutions. This partnership will complement Fulcrum Digital’s existing digital transformation services to offer state-of-the-art AI automated customer service solutions across eCommerce, banking and financial services, and education sectors. 

Fulcrum Digital is a recognized technology partner for financial services, insurance, food, higher education, consumer products, and digital commerce. The company empowers customers to rapidly adapt to a digital future by helping them reimagine business strategy, processes, technology, analytics, and customer experience. 

Voxta Voce has helped clients reach 6m customers in 10 languages with its voice bots for marketing, surveys, and customer support. Voxta’s AI-driven automated, scalable solutions help clients provide fast, high-quality customer service, available round the clock, while reducing operational costs. Voxta’s AI and ML-based solutions offer clients high accuracy and quality solutions to reach and engage customers. 

Prasad Washikar
EVP, Strategic Business, Fulcrum Digital.

“We are pleased to partner with Voxta to bring the advanced voice and chatbot solution offerings to the industries we serve. Their SaaS-based solutions combined with our strong industry experience, platform engineering capabilities, and quality customer-centricity will enable a unique spectrum of offerings for our customers.”

Kavita Reddi
Director, Voxta Voce

“Voxta Voce is delighted to partner with Fulcrum Digital, a leading provider of enterprise-grade software products, services, and solutions. Our combined efforts and solutions will help our clients deliver better, faster, around-the-clock customer service through our automated voice bot and chatbot solutions.”

About Fulcrum Digital

Fulcrum Digital is a leading business platform and digital engineering company. We partner with global companies from diverse industries: financial services, insurance, higher education, consumer products, food services, and e-commerce.

Founded in 1999, Fulcrum Digital has 1300+ employees, empowering 100+ global clients from its US, LATAM, Europe, and India facilities. We offer a consulting-led, integrated suite of enterprise-grade software solutions with expertise in digital transformation, machine learning, and emerging technologies.

About Voxta Voce Ltd

Voxta Voce Ltd is a UK-based innovative software company delivering automated custom voice bot and chatbot solutions using our proprietary NLP and conversational AI platform for large customer-facing organizations. Voxta Voce is committed to helping large organizations provide high-quality, scalable customer service in their language of choice, whenever and wherever they want.

For more information contact:

  • Anuradda Banerjii: anuradda.banerjii@fulcrumdigital.com