Fulcrum Digital partners with Birmingham City University (BCU) to develop digital solutions for education and employment.

July 06, 2020

Fulcrum Digital and Birmingham City University (BCU) have joined forces to develop a long-term partnership with the collective mission of ensuring the provision and access to education that will provide learners with the skills and expertise required for today’s uncertain employment market.

This strategic partnership allows for a collaborative approach bringing together technology and education expertise from industry and the public sector, combined with collaborative research and key stakeholder engagement. Through this joined-up model, both Fulcrum and BCU plan to develop programs, accelerator engines, and platforms geared towards upskilling students to meet the specific skills requirements of employers across the Birmingham region and beyond. Both parties share the vision of filling gaps in employment through a technology-driven approach resulting in effective alignment across candidates, employer skills requirements, and education provision.

During these tumultuous times for the global economy, it is imperative now that industry and education institutes react to the current situation and plan for future demand. Fulcrum & BCU are striving to deliver data-driven initiatives to prepare people to fulfill their career potential – providing a structured learning path with accreditation intrinsically linked with employer requirements.

Dhana Kumarasamy
CEO, Fulcrum Digital

“We’re very excited about this partnership and its immense potential. Fulcrum will bring a combined value of the digital platform and Higher Education sector experience to deliver skill-based learning accessible to all constituents. I’m thrilled to associate with a prestigious institution like BCU and it couldn’t a better time to be part of BCU’s mission considering the unprecedented challenges for people due to COVID.”

Julian Beer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, BCU

“This collaboration will create a step-change for the employment market with the provision of bonafide accreditations for learners. The solutions we plan to deliver are vitally important in light of the impact COVID-19 has had on employment and the economy – this is the perfect time for our partnership.” affirmed Julian Beer, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, BCU.”