Fulcrum Digital Launches Business Platform, FulcrumOne

April 01, 2019

Fulcrum Digital, a global digital transformation leader made two significant announcements today at a press meet in Pune, India. The Company announced their new Executive Leadership and also the launch of FulcrumOne.

FulcrumOne is a digital business platform, the first of its kind globally, helping businesses gain significant competitive advantage and agility through industry focused solutions. It has proven success and provided tangible value in industries like food services, supply chain, education, insurance and many others.

Rajesh Sinha
Chairman, Fulcrum Digital

“We are excited to be launching this global first Digital Platform that we call FulcrumOne. FulcrumOne is a ready-to-use platform that has industry specific business components. It brings the best of technologies as services on a single platform, combined with state-of-the-art industry solutions that delivers digital velocity to our clients.

Platforms may not typically be purchased from a technology vendor as a single unit, but what if you could? What if it was made that modular and convenient? That’s what FulcrumOne delivers with a strong digital partner ecosystem”.

The Company also announced that Dr Ganesh Natarajan, a global technology industry leader, has joined its Board of Directors to help shape its leadership journey in Digital Platforms and Services. Fulcrum Digital Chairman, Rajesh Sinha at the occasion said, “With an industry leader like Dr Ganesh Natarajan on our Board, we are confident of a solid strategy and great leadership at the forefront. Ganesh brings in decades of experience and learnings from not only running and growing large businesses, but also a larger industry view having led the Innovation agenda through NASSCOM and CII. We are delighted to have him on board the Fulcrum Digital mothership steering us ahead with our ambitious growth plans”.

Dr Ganesh Natarajan

“I am delighted to be on the Executive Board of Fulcrum Digital. The Company is a pioneer in product and business model innovation shows great promise and I am happy to add my experience and digital expertise to guide Fulcrum Digital in its global growth agenda through industry leading platforms.”

About FulcrumOne

FulcrumOne leverages microservices, serverless computing, containers and ecosystems thus delivering significant advantages to our clients’ business:

  • Tremendously faster go-to-market with cloud-based applications
  • Quickly develop deep vertical cloud functionality
  • Compelling tools to customize and integrate FulcrumOne for specific business requirements
  • Easy-to-use point-and-click, standards-based application customization
  • Eliminate ‘version-lock’ by ensuring customizations automatically migrate when upgrading to a new release
  • Agility to adapt to upgrading technologies and applications and roll out new versions of applications to end customers

The basic premise of this platform is the SLG [Solid-Liquid-Gas] principle where solid refers to the data structure comprising big data, this element includes both data science and intelligent data; today we call this machine learning.

Liquid or the Logic layer is a ‘data handshake’ between the solid and liquid layers, where robots (RPA), AI, automation, SaaS apps, DevOps, chatbots and other smart software retrieve information from an ocean of intelligent data. This handshake is necessary to translate the raw data so it can be interpreted by applications to create an experience for a specific medium.

Finally the Gas or the Experience layer denotes the information translated by the logic, moulded by the applications to take the form of whatever container you put them in, much like gaseous matter. Now, what was once solid, formless data can be interpreted by the software of its container and displayed on phones, tablets, desktop computers, smart watches, IoT devices, the cloud, virtual reality, augmented reality and more.