Clutch Crowns Fulcrum Digital as New York City’s Finest Application Management & Support Companies

September 01, 2021

Founded in 1999, Fulcrum Digital is a leading digital engineering and business platform company in Jersey City. With expertise in digital transformation, machine learning, and emerging technologies, we possess an unmatched wealth of experience and successful history of rapidly delivering tangible results.

Because of the unique value that we bring to our clients, we’ve recently been honored as a Clutch Leader for 2021. During the widely anticipated Clutch Awards, the platform named Fulcrum Digital as the highest-ranking application management and support company in both New Jersey and New York City!

Dhana Kumarasamy
CEO, Fulcrum Digital

”We are honored to receive this recognition from Clutch. It has been possible with relentless pursuit by our associates and unwavering support from our prestigious clients. This award is a reflection of our digital mindset, technology prowess, and thought leadership. It helps us reinforce our brand values in New York City and New Jersey and stay focused as a purpose-driven company.”

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Clutch is a B2B listing resource and review platform headquartered in Washington DC. Every year, the site goes through an extensive evaluation process to analyze the leaders from different industries worldwide. The criteria for the esteemed awards include clients reviews and satisfaction.

With that in mind, we extend our gratitude to each and every one of our precious clients. Thanks to your support, our company stands triumphant today. We appreciate everyone, especially the ones who reviewed our services on Clutch.

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