Higher Education

Helping higher education organizations deliver best-in-class student experiences and engagement through the application of cutting-edge technology.


“Provide best-in-class digital student experiences to build the potential of higher education learners”


Fulcrum’s Education Division is a specialized digital consortium, catering for the end-to-end technology needs of higher education institutions, from mobile application developments to core digital infrastructure advancement.  

With over 21 years in the education sector, our HE technology specialists have helped guide HE institutions across the UK, US and Middle East towards operational excellence and industry innovations. We focus on maximizing your student’s experience & engagement across the student lifecycle, and helping faculties connect better.  


Whilst catering to a range of commercial models, our most impactful engagements start setting your digital roadmap for the next 1-3 years – starting small with your endpoint in mind.

As you see incremental growth from each execution, our Higher Education Consultants guide you towards the next logical investment to build towards a shared vision for your institution.


Our Higher Education Division provides a layered approach to helping you plan, develop, and maintain best-in-class student experiences through:

Education specialist consultancy services focusing on key points across the student journey

Student experience monitoring and intelligent progression

Optimised technology solutions for key business activities, from admissions systems through to Alumni

Enhanced solutions through meaningful data capture and analysis

Reduced time and cost of administrative activities through automation & streamlining processes

Dedicated support across all activities to ensure up-time and solution implementation success

Develop Your Way with FulcrumOne

Develop dynamic 360 web and mobile applications for student engagement, using drag-and-drop higher education components fused with custom next-gen technologies.

With FulcrumOne, you can expedite the digital foundations for a variety of custom student applications, ranging from traditional student portal components, to emerging tech development kits for Augmented Reality and AI/ML functionality.

Complete your vision without compromise, using Fulcrum’s Creative Hub to architect your user journey for efficiency and engagement, launched under your brand identity.


More than just Higher Education specialists, our clients gain access to our Global Centre of Excellence, benefitting from broader digital expertise in adjacent sectors from financial processes to college & university catering operations.

With an in-house Innovation Lab, we can do the heavy lifting on evaluating new technologies and platforms that are best suited to help you execute your goals, and take you through to launch your priority initiatives.

Tap into our Global Delivery Centre and utilize our best-shore approach to providing you with top education-experienced talent from offshore, nearshore and onshore locations depending on your needs.

Success Stories

Client Testimonials

Fulcrum Digital for Higher Education solutions drive student engagement and truly deliver an IT model that follows a 24/7/365 support that other organizations struggle to provide. They offer solutions and ideas with an out of the box methodology. FulcrumOne is an excellent industry-specific business solution. We have a unique relationship and bond with them.

Alexander Denley – Director of Innovation & Transformation, LSBU

Fulcrum is at the heart of helping us achieve our goals and has been more of a partnership than a traditional supplier-consumer relationship. They are very flexible and able to help us meet those tight time scales and bring a wealth of sector and general business expertise.

Adrian Ellison – Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor and CIO of the University of West London

Over the decades, Fulcrum Digital (FD) has shown outstanding commitment and dedication through its significant contributions to the education sector. They come with a unique set of technical skills and have helped us with several innovative projects:

Paul Hopkins – IT director of esteemed universities in the United Kingdom. 

Alexander Denley – Director of Innovation & Transformation, LSBU

Adrian Ellison – Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor and CIO of the University of West London

Paul Hopkins – IT director of esteemed universities in the United Kingdom.