Thought Leadership- Performance Engineering

October 27, 2020

Quality is the most important aspect of Information Technology service delivery. It should be assured not just in a reactive mode but also in a proactive mode by understanding what is going wrong and how it should be looped back to further augment the quality of delivery. In this context, let’s dive further to understand performance engineering.

Performance engineering delivers value by helping companies deal with diverse situations, such as:

  • Huge stack of data in database and modules to test within limited time frame.
  • Performance Parameters are not clearly defined.
  • Client is looking for solution approach for maximum user coverage.
  • A network analysis is needed in terms of bandwidth, ports, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers and their effects on the performance of the application.

To begin, it is important to define the approach for the performance engineering from a technical perspective as follows:

technical approach for performance engineering

Once that is done, a detailed set of execution steps are required to achieve performance engineering. This would enable:

  • Highly skilled performance consultants with continuous delivery.
  • High quality principles, standards, methodologies and approach to provide software testing services that are tailored to customer requirements.
  • Wide-ranging services across performance testing specializing in load testing, stress testing, spike testing, endurance testing and volume testing.
  • A cost-centric solution.
analyzing data on different devices
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The outcomes can be captured in a milestone-based approach through:

  • High Level Scenarios.
  • Test Execution Report.
  • Test Summary Report.
  • Defect Tracker.
  • Root Cause Analysis Repot.
  • Test Closure Report.
buildings seen from below
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