AGILE and Low Code Software Engineering

October 21, 2020

The software industry, like many others, is full of acronyms and terminology. With the velocity of change increasing consistently, more of these appear each day.

Every so often, a combination of concepts come along that, while individually valuable, hold even higher potential when taken collectively. One such combination is the application of AGILE principles along with the use of Low Code software design and tooling. One of the inhibitors of AGILE’s success is the use of traditional software engineering methods

woman presenting agile work methodologies
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It is not difficult to see why the application of such methods would diminish the results from AGILE principles. Just imagine coding everything from scratch while desiring AGILE outcomes. Where do you think that will go?… and how successful would it be in providing the benefits that AGILE promises? Clearly not very much.

AGILE is a name of a lifecycle… Agility is a trait and an expectation.

For AGILE to deliver on its promise, methods have to change. A process and its methods go together. When there is any form of friction, the results are never optimal. Merely making one thing simpler or faster while maintaining high impedance tools and methods will rarely provide expected results.

Low Code engineering (while a new term) is an old concept. The principles of reuse and their impact on all aspects of software engineering have come to be well understood. However, inhibitors in the form of the right tools, standards and methods have prevented software reuse from being the power it could be. With advancing toolsets and the maturity of standards, the potential for reusable blocks and/or componentization has vastly matured. This has made it possible for aggregation to take the place of integration and the power of plug-and-play to come to the fore.

For AGILE to truly play out its course, and deliver upon its promise, low-code principles and methods must be used. Taken collectively, the combinatorial power of these concepts is immense.

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