The client is a provider of supply chain security solutions that protect the value of their brands and ensure consumer safety. They were facing challenges in the manual execution of API tests as the procedure was tedious and vulnerable to error. Fulcrum Digital provided the client API automation testing cases using SoapUI. This reduced time and execution efforts in testing.

80% API Automation Execution

Reduced Testing Issues by 90%

10x Multiple API’s Testing

Business Challenge

The manual execution of API tests was time consuming and prone to error. Also, manually verifying the API response and schema was full of challenges because of test data management. With multiple API’s requiring testing simultaneously, the client decided to shift their focus to API automation testing.


  • API automation test cases were built using SoapUI that helped the team develop end-to-end scenarios
  • Various assertions were applied to verify API responses and test API’s in different QA and Staging environments
  • Test Suites were utilized to allow for testing multiple API’s
  • Data Driven API testing was used to manage complex test data


  • Reduced manual testing of API execution efforts by 80% using SoapUI
  • Minimized testing issues to 90% in Beta and Alpha environments
  • Saved 85% of testing efforts
  • Tested multiple API’s with various data on a single click without need to verify each API

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