Thursday, April 4th – 2 pm GMT

Is your digital transformation programme on track to deliver the brave new world it has promised? Is your Executive getting nervous about continuing to invest in the programme? There’s an old saying that “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”.

During this webinar, we will explore how to conduct a digital maturity assessment to measure and demonstrate the progress of your transformation programme. We will start by discussing what we mean by “digital transformation” and “digital maturity” – and why we might want to assess our progress towards the latter. We’ll explore how business strategy, capabilities, people, systems and processes inform the development of a digital maturity model and target maturity level, as well as the dimensions and measures that allow us to assess progress. Finally, we’ll look at ways to keep your Executive happy and how to make sure that you are always working on the changes that deliver the most value.


  • Why it is important to measure digital maturity
  • What the terms “digital transformation” and “digital maturity” mean
  • The relationship between business strategy and capabilities in the context of digital maturity
  • Identifying the dimensions and measure that make a difference
  • How to create a digital maturity assessment model that is usable, useful and used