Webinar: Transformative Architecture

Webinar Date: July 2019

About the Webinar

There is a growing misconception that throwing more hardware at a problem will resolve it – faster processors, more memory, virtualization, coolers, network optimization software and then optimization tools to optimize the optimization software and so the story goes…

However, a large part of the solution to technology’s issues lies in architecture – and it has to do with what we at Fulcrum term as “architectural dexterity”. Dismantling portfolio complexity is critical to success. Innovation excellence can only occur when organizations are able to open up their architectures.

In a time when the velocity of change is increasing by the day, the dependence on such heavy deep-set traditions of integration will only set an organization behind. Consumer-Provider models are very easy to understand but transforming legacy portfolios to this end-state is a journey – something that every organization must undertake if they wish to be relevant in the decades to come.

Join Fulcrum’s Global CTO, CP Jois, as we discuss the transformation process for enterprise architecture.


  • Velocity of change
  • Importance of flexibility in technology architecture
  • Architecting for flexibility
  • Pointers that serve the flexibility index
  • Structuring transformation programs