Webinar: Presenting FD MealPlanner

October 11, 2019

Webinar Date: November 7th 2019 – 11 a.m EST

About the Webinar

Whether you’re a school or hospital or company or even a café, the need to offer healthy food stands at an all-time high. The health of millions of Americans is put to risk each year just due to lack of allergen information (says an FDA Report).

What’s more tragic: unhealthy food habits lead to severe health complications (now increasing even in children). The downsides are fatal and too many, but this situation can change if people are empowered with the info at the right time.

That’s what FD MealPlanner is – a powerful tool that allows the user to choose favorite food at the premise coupled with the nutrition break-down and the much-needed allergen info.

Highlights of the Webinar

  • Offer more personalization to your consumers and stakeholders
  • Provide a wide range of menu for consumers to view from anywhere
  • Offer nutrient break-up to improve the healthiness quotient
  • Improve experience through gamification with ratings and comments

About the Host

Abilash Krishnaswamy

Abilash Krishnaswamy, VP – Products

Abilash is a Culinary Product Evangelist with 15+ years of experience in Culinary and Manufacturing domain in the IT industry.

He has worked with several Top 50 Food contract management companies and clients like Apple & Airbus. His expertise encompasses area of digitally transforming organizations, business consulting & client relationship.

FD MealPlanner offers a lot more to your patrons Attend this 45-minute Webinar to Know More!

Date: November 7th 2019 – 11 a.m EST