Webinar: DARQ – Getting Your Organization Ready for the Post-Digital Era

Webinar Date: July 2019

About the Webinar

Digital Transformation has become pivotal to all organizations in the past few years and many organizations have realized what it takes to implement it. However, there is a new phenomenon emerging: DARQ – Distributed Ledger TechnologyArtificial IntelligenceMix Reality and Quantum Computing.

Join Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, our Executive Director, on July 11th as we explore this topic and how your organization can benefit from it in the future.


  • A discussion of DARQ – the latest phenomenon in the post-digital era
  • How DARQ can fundamentally change the way processes evolve in the future
  • Learn the way these new technologies are deployed
  • Discuss the way your culture will have to change to meet new customer’s demand
  • How to turn these new trends into an opportunity for your company’s future