Webinar: Business 2.0 – Digital Acceleration and Exponential Growth

Webinar Date: September 2019

About the Webinar

There is a major business transformation going on across multiple industries worldwide with a rush for companies to automate, digitize their business process and provide a better experience to both their customers and employees.

Organizations are trying to gain a competitive advantage by launching new digital journeys in an agile manner – all of which demands a cultural shift to accelerate and grow exponentially. Join Founder and Chairman of Fulcrum Digital, Rajesh Sinha, as he defines Business Platform 2.0 and provides a conceptual approach to make Digital 2.0 a reality with any organization.


  • What is Business Platform 2.0?
  • How organizations transitioned from 1.0 to 2.0
  • An introduction to the Solid-Liquid-Gas approach to building digital solutions.
  • Learn how industry leaders in culinary services, supply chain, education and insurance have successfully embarked on and traversed the journey to Digital 2.0.
  • Discuss the various dimensions of true digital transformation – new customer expectations and journeys, enabling technologies, reengineered business processes, the importance of data and new ways of working.