Webinar: An Innovative Approach for Meal Planning and Ordering for Patients and Residents

February 19, 2019

About the Webinar

Gone are the days of submitting meal orders through a call center.

CulinarySuite’s Order Entry System is an innovation module that enables patient and resident ambassadors to manage meals through any approved device. This module directly integrates with any Patient Management System (PMS) as well as the Menu Planner and Nutrition Management Systems of the CulinarySuite platform to ensure the dietary needs of each patient and resident are maintained and HL7 compliant.

Join us for our webinar as we discuss CulinarySuite and the effect it has on enhancing the customer experience for hospitals, acute care facilities, residential communities and other healthcare organizations.


  • Menu offerings directed to patients’ personal diet goals
  • Track the progress of orders from kitchen to delivery
  • Order guest meals at the same time
  • Reduce call center volume and bedside-assisted ordering
  • Supports a traditional trayline or on-demand room service