Imagine that your website is more than an information page – it responds to the queries by students, regardless of what time it is. And in fact, it does even sell the right course to the right candidate – with no human intervention at all.

Not certainly a work of fiction – such scenarios are entirely possible if you have the right chatbot integrated with the website. Read this blog to find out how an intelligent chatbot could mean driving more applications to your University/Institute.

Can it be a magic bullet?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if a potential student on your website has to wait for a response – you’ve lost a registration already. If your student has to wait after posting a query on the portal – you’ve lost the engagement already.

It’s a digital world with students anticipating instant gratification – every delay has a cost associated with it. When the student is seeking an immediate resolution, late manual responses are not just passé, but also often end up in a lost opportunity.

Cut to the chase, an intelligent chatbot is a magic bullet for the Universities – doesn’t just solve the problem but goes an extra mile, or two.

If you wanted to imagine how a chatbot would really help you, here are some facts for you:

  • A chatbot can handle thousands of more conversations for your University/Institute
  • It can engage 10x more prospects
  • A chatbot has the ability to respond to questions 10x faster
  • It can cut support costs for your organisation by 30-50%
  • Offer 24×7 service to students visiting your website from different geographies – this will help you widen your reach
  • You can now shorten the sales cycle
  • Automate processes such as application-processing, administrative tasks and it support
  • Integrate your CRM and other legacy systems with chatbot to save time and efforts (wasted in manual entry)
  • Get reports to allow data-driven decisions

Go Beyond Support – Drive Sales

An intelligent chatbot isn’t just a laidback somebody who answers the questions – it’s way more than that; it can proactively offer solutions. Imagine a bot offering course options based on the conversation it just had. This can be done right from the initial offering, all the way up to application and registration.

It’s as good as your error-free star sales rep working 24×7 tirelessly – too good to be true?

Respond in a Flash

One of the many capabilities of a chatbot is to respond faster – not just one or two at a time, but multiple queries answered at the same time with uncompromising speed. You don’t have to rely on humans’ availability anymore – handle thousands of conversations per day 10x faster.

Phenomenal Student Engagement

Once deployed, a smart chatbot can be used effectively to drive student engagement as well. Handle course-related issues, applications, curriculum questions, quizzes, feedback and more, all while saving efforts and increasing student-participation levels. Create a higher engagement level to generate more referrals and increase student retention.

There are a range of benefits that directly result in attracting better talent to your University, and eventually boil down to revenues, and leaving your teams with more time for more quality and innovative work.

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