Business platforms and automation – The Way to Overcome Higher Ed Challenges in 2020

March 05, 2020

Digital transformation, business platforms, chatbot, and student experience to meet the growing challenges of the HE sector.

With access to new resources, technologies, and approaches, the Higher Education industry is undergoing an evolution. Educators are becoming increasingly aware of this changing education landscape, and in turn, gearing up to meet student expectations.

Top players in the Higher Education (HE) sector are taking the technology route to absorb prospects, support current students, and retain top academic talent. This blog is a tell-all about how these topnotch universities and educational institutions are doing it, and how you too can unlock the transformation.

New-age Digital Transformation

A renewed focus on technology strategy has helped these topnotch organisations improve their student engagement rates, service delivery, response rates, and student success numbers. As technology disrupts our current educational scenarios, organisations need to adopt newer technologies to augment student experience by manifold. Technology transformations can address the immediate need to lower the operation costs, engage students and prospects better, and even automate student application processes to save time and effort.

Business platforms

Higher education institutions need an open technology foundation, a trusted agile Business Platform to create on demand solutions that drive value and monetization. Using right business platform, Institutions can experience 2X faster time-to-market, 40% revenue surge and 50% cost optimization with integrations of microservices, containers, serverless computing and ecosystems. Business platforms can build hyper-personalized solutions for your clients to keep your customer retention at all-time high to enable contextual value delivery for your end customers. Your institution can easily benefit from a rich ecosystem of integrated enterprise applications and flexible foundation for responding dynamically to all stakeholders’ needs.

Chatbot – Automation for better student experience

As a higher education institution, you might be getting thousands of queries and requests from students about the admission process, fee-related queries. Imagine if all of these queries were handled without any human intervention, without any dedicated resource allocation. Living in today’s information age – responding to student queries, regardless of what time it is; selling the right course to the right candidate is certainly challenging, yet is the expectation. With the right system integration, a simple chatbot integrated with the website can save you a lot of costs, time, and resources.

Student Experience – Epitome of Learning Experience

Student experience is at the heart of any organisation’s digital transformation roadmap to ensure that all students from different backgrounds receive a high‑quality academic experience. Students today have access to technology that is vastly more efficient hence it becomes imperative that universities accommodate newer technologies in their operations, and respond to student preferences. High-end system integration, user-friendly website, and institutional operations have a huge impact on the student experience.