It’s important to know where you stand before you embark on any journey.

digital transformation pyramid

Where is your business in its DIGITAL JOURNEY?

Each business has its own unique story to tell. Some companies are deep in their experimentation along the digital transformation process, while some others have yet to begin a formal transformation journey.

It is important then to identify the right stage and build on the symptoms of each stage. With our deep client experience, we are cognizant of the individual narrative, but have organized the companies milestones, learnings and challenges across 5 key stages, by their defining attributes at each stage, at a very high level.

These stages in turn are on a 3A continuum which helps understand what needs to be done at each stage – the 3As being Assess-Adopt-Accelerate. Here’s a quick walkthrough.

digital transformation pyramid

01 / Digital Infancy

“We’re doing ok. We need to stay the course. No radical change required.”

The initial stage of Digital Transformation essentially calls for basic awareness, where the enterprise is happy maintaining status quo, and is unaware of the transformational impact that Digital Adoption can give the business.

So, we have built detailed dos and don’ts for this stage.

digital Infancy
early experiments

02 / Early experiments

“We’re ready to start. Not sure how to begin the journey.”

There are legacy systems, existing processes, and technologies that one is entrenched in with investments already made, and essentially where people are not ready for the sweeping transformational changes. At this stage, we offer a deep dive Assessment to provide guidance to decide if it is better to “Build Your Own Platform” (BYOP) or buy a market-ready platform.

early experiments

03 / Digitally Credible

“We’ve made some experiments in silos. They may not be connected and integrated.”

Steady progress has been made on digital strategy. Stage 3 organizations have adopted building digital assets, but are struggling to rapidly replicate or build new business assets in an agile manner due to tech constraints or culture issues. There is a yearning to learn how to make an end to end transformation happen, and the business clearly needs a roadmap for Digital Transformation Implementation. At this stage, most enterprises are ready for an industry specific platform given that the needs tend to be around integration of processes.

digitally credible
digitally credible
digitally mature

04 / Digitally Mature

Enterprises at this stage are early adopters who have made headway and are operating seamlessly with legacy solutions. Industry platforms, behavioral data, cloud, and mobile solutions have been integrated business processes for a better customer experience. Agile culture has been fully adopted. But what is next? Our solution offers an analysis of your current portfolio, identifying constraints and help with APIs. Opportunities include multitenancy, automation of business processes and more agility.

digitally mature

05 / The Innovators

Those at this stage have attained a continuous maturity model and are creating a culture to integrate faster with new ideas including Multitenancy, IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, or the next level of Customer/Employee Experience – all in a rapid manner. The enterprise aspires for uniqueness in the market with its offerings.

This may entail a new technical platform for rapid implementation and the need for digital accelerators for business transformation.

the Innovators
the Innovators

Where do you see yourself?

In our experience, the solutions for next steps in each stage are unique. We have worked with clients across different stages and have a deep understanding of their needs. While our consultants work on customizing solutions for each client – we offer a recommendation for each stage and a unique approach to guide them on the Digital Transformation journey.

Types of Assessments

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