Massive companies and organizations have a lot of things on their plate — that includes meticulously planning daily tasks and responsibilities. This is where ERP gets into action.

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning and it refers to software that businesses use to manage their daily operations. The software allows various activities such as accounting, project management, risk management, supply chain operations, and more.

Employees and managers rely on ERP software to navigate through their tasks and monitor productivity. It also services as a main streamline to the entire work process and system. Fundamentally, ERPs are created to solve all management or at least ease management issues for businesses.

There are three main ERP implementations — cloud ERP, on-premise ERP, and hybrid ERP, all of which play a crucial role.

Meanwhile, ERP consultants should be flexible, independent, and knowledgeable in order to help businesses achieve their goals. Consultants assist in resource planning to ensure that the software runs smoothly and adequately.

Fulcrum Digital is considered one of the best UK companies by Clutch, a data-driven independent review platform. This isn’t the first recognition we received from Clutch, and we will continue to work even harder to provide brilliant ERP consulting services.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude to receive this honor from Clutch. This was not possible without the support of our hardworking staff and prestigious clients.

Clutch has played a perpetual role in our growth and development. Their continual recognition of our services and solutions has helped us in reinforcing our brand values in the UK.”

— Dhana Kumarasamy, Chief Executive Officer

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Fulcrum Digital is also G-Cloud certified as a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Supplier for Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support, allowing us to service the UK public and third sectors.

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