The client was looking to build a fully functional online booking platform to provide customers with business hours, real-time details, online payments, and attendance records for their swimming lessons. They were looking for a long-term solution to improve their operational efficiency and grow their business. Fulcrum developed a SaaS-based online booking platform with enhanced features and the latest technology in a short time frame at an affordable cost.

Reduced manual effort

Reduction in overall cost

Hours saved

Business Challenge

The client was struggling due to their manual booking process for scheduling swim lessons across various locations. This was hampering their business operations and increasing the dissatisfaction of customers. The client requested Fulcrum Digital to build an online booking platform to solve this challenge.


  • Developed a SaaS-based online booking platform  
  • Provided FulcrumOne prebuilt services and UI components to enhance the booking system and make it user friendly  
  • Automated the booking classes process by allowing customs to book directly from the platform, which improved operational efficiency across multiple locations  
  • Enhanced the digital experience for their customers  


  • Saved more than 134 hours using FulcrumOne      
  • 60% Reduction in overall cost on a new online booking platform   
  • Reduced manual effort on the entire project by 60%

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