Fulcrum Attends #UiPathTogether – Automation First – São Paulo / Brazil

To create true digital transformation, companies today must move faster, be more efficient, and adapt quickly to a changing business environment.

UiPath hosted their very first flagship event in South America – #UiPathTogether Sao Paulo – on March 28 at the beautiful Renaissance Sao Paulo. The event presented a deep-dive into how making RPA the cornerstone of their Automation First strategy can accelerate digital transformation across all aspects of business.

#UiPathTogether is one of the most significant events in RPA and AI, featuring UiPath customers, partners, RPA champions, and major thinkers from around the world. As Partners ourselves, Fulcrum Digital is excited to be on this journey with UiPath as they continue to innovate and grow within the industry.

Discussions included:

  • Learning how the digital workforce is enabling businesses to scale fast and achieve rapid results.
  • Discovering how RPA empowers decision makers as well as enables AI and big data to gain critical knowledge about business performance.
  • UiPath’s product roadmap and the future of cognitive technologies.
  • Gaining the knowledge to create an Automation First strategy that will enable companies to move faster and serve customers better.