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SupplyDay Implementation

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SupplyDay Implementation


The client was in the process of implementing their rebranding and growth strategy.  As part of their growth strategy, client was looking to modernize their existing applications to the latest cutting edge technology to provide an overall improved experience for their stakeholders, business users, as well as their clients and partners.  This initiative includes upgrading the entire end-to-end process of supply chain from the acceptance of deliveries from their vendors to the delivery of their products to the end users (B2B clients).  Client has chosen Fulcrum to deliver this initiative using existing products under the Fulcrum umbrella to be customized to fit their operations. 


Client along with its ongoing transition of renovating to advanced technology, was looking forward to include Fulcrum in the quest of aiding the evolution in the organization. Fulcrum, after conducting multiple workshops and whiteboard sessions with key senior executives and stakeholders of client, have identified the various operational and functional area which requires automation and upgrade to next generation technology.


Fulcrum proposed to implement their flagship product ‘SupplyDay’ (henceforth ‘SupplyDay) which is an end to end unified system that will enable client to provide better service, perform better cross selling with clients and will provide a window to automate the interaction with their existing/new B2B vendors. This system is aimed at automating the existing processes of the organization thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency. Being a cloud solution, this would also provide improved business continuity and scalability.


Key Benefits

Lack of visibility: 

  • SupplyDay provides an efficient way to handle your inventories 
  • It tracks life cycle of each and every product within the system. 
  • It sends alerts to respective stakeholders when the inventory is lower than the expected minimum quantity 

Cost Reduction: 

  • The excess cost in managing excessive inventory or expired inventory is lowered down by forecasting products demand and suggesting the purchase quantities based on past sales trends 
  • It provides a way to monitor stock quantity, location, shelf-life and expiration information and it also manages the overstocks if any 

Customer Service: 

  • SupplyDay gives a 360 degree view of inventory and also provides demand forecasting system always ensures there are enough inventories to meet customer needs and in turn ensures a faster delivery

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