A European market leader in paper rolls and self-adhesive labels required a mobile web ordering system for direct delivery and wanted to fix usability issues with the application’s user interfaces.

By utilizing pre-built components for mobile ordering ready-to-go on our platform, the client launched their new service almost one-third faster than the expected go-to-market, and at lower cost to the business service almost one-third faster than the expected go-to-market, and at lower cost to the business.


Reduction in the overall cost


Saved time


Reduced manual efforts by

Business Challenge

With no mobile web ordering system for direct delivery, the client was facing challenges streamline end-to-end order management processing. This was hampering their entire business operations and ultimately customers’ expectations.


  • Fulcrum Digital deployed the application, improving the overall operational efficiency  
  • Optimized direct delivery to improve order processing   
  • Automated deployment pipeline for coding in a short time 
Fulcfrum Digital FuclrumOne - Benefits


  • Reduced the overall cost on deploying the mobile web ordering system by 40%  
  • 31% Saved time with automated deployment and faster response 
  • 38% Reduction in overall manual effort

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