Managed Innovation

All enterprises across industries are in the throes of swift changes in their environment, and more so given the challenges and opportunities that the digital onslaught presents to them, for competitive advantage. How then can they continue to keep pace, transform internally, transform their customer experience, and keep running business as usual with measurable and sustained innovation?


Managed Innovation from Fulcrum Digital Business provides the necessary approach, methodology, best practices, people who understand the approach, resources and tools to create a successful innovation plan that consistently delivers measurable and sustainable results.

We have mastered the art of helping our clients with maintaining the fine balance between the parallel agenda of managing existing systems and business processes (and thus investments) while helping them scale for tomorrow with radical and rapid innovations (often disruptive).

Unlike common misconception this disruption doesn’t happen overnight, it happens through a concerted and well-thought plan if it is to be sustainable. Not every disruption comes out of throwing out the old. The old investments must continue to deliver value, while the future proofing begins with the disruptive innovation plan on the anvil. It can be managed most effectively and securely through what we propose and practice methodically – Managed Innovation.

Managed innovation ensures process diligence, safe experimentation, at lower costs, an opportunity to work with various options, and all with good governance and transparency.


What Fulcrum Digital’s Managed Innovation Model Can Do For You

A COMPOSITE INNOVATION MODEL that lets you focus on future innovations, while not losing sight of today’s opportunities

Often times, when you have lofty Innovation projects at hand the existing business, suffers due to lack of focus, and management of those processes and operations witnesses negligence.

In the current Digital Era, Fulcrum Digital views every business with three lenses:

Existing Systems and Processes through the Incremental Innovation Lens

Tomorrow’s Systems and Processes through the Multiplied Innovation Lens

Creating transformational impact through the Disruptive Innovation Lens

This tight rope walks keeping today’s investments alive and thriving, versus gearing up to a competitive tomorrow, versus preparing to create market impact, is possible through Fulcrum Digital’s Managed Innovation Model.

The Managed Innovation Model that Fulcrum Digital practices and excels in, enables the entire innovation ecosystem that supports your innovation agenda – through managed networks, facility to prototype and test out new breakthrough ideas for your business, and takes your ideas from the germinal stage to fool fruition – from idea to industrialization. Your ideas rapidly see the light of day as Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). This is done through the Fulcrum Innovation Lab.

Fulcrum Digital Advantage

Fulcrum Digital has experience in simultaneously running incremental innovation, enabling multiplied innovation and creating space for disruptive innovation. With experience comes the right team with deep domain expertise, as well as expertise in operations and technology. With experience also come the right investments in tools, technology, approach and methodologies that make Fulcrum Digital a compelling partner for managed innovation.

Fulcrum Digital is aware of what it takes to align all these efforts to the business strategy and to help its clients enrich their own customer experiences possibly leading to new market share, revenue growth, and sustained innovation.

Why Fulcrum Digital?

Digital Accelerators

The Fulcrum Innovation Lab

Leverage Partner Strengths

Various development environments

Deep domain experience

API Economy

Leverage Platform – through Fulcrum Digital’s FulcrumOne

Platforms may not typically be purchased from a technology vendor as a single unit, but what if you could? What if it was made that modular and convenient? That’s what FulcrumOne delivers with a strong digital partner ecosystem.

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Industry Solutions

Customizable platforms built for your industry-specific needs

Food Service

300 hospitals provided medically prescribed food through automation with cloud-based enterprise level food management system, inventory and supply systems

Supply Chain

B2B distributor of products gets heightened visibility of supply chain, reduced inventory cost and better customer experience with 360 degree view of inventory

Higher Education

One of the largest educational establishments in London gives students and staff unified multi-platform and multi-device experience and increased transparency

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