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We have heard a lot about dealing with change in the HE industry and how having a sound, flexible solution is key to adapting and accelerating. As UCISA has stated: “Without an appropriate foundation, we will not have the agility to meet our stakeholders requirements in a timely manner.”

Fulcrum’s Kaleidoscope participated in UCISA CISG-PCMG18 Annual Conference and Exhibition offering that foundation through our One Platform approach. It is a unique combination of a cutting edge Cloud-based platform, education-specific features and customisable services.

Kaleidoscope is an engagement platform that integrates time and location sensitive information from many sources to help students manage their work and time effectively. It is designed to provide the actionable information that students need, at the time they need it.

The core of the platform is our Connect framework. Leveraging a common data model and API framework, Connect simplifies integration with your core applications, reducing cost and leveraging the API economy.

Kaleidoscope comes with an out of the box SharePoint-based web interface and mobile app that are tightly coupled with Office 365 and support Single Sign On (SSO) – but can be easily integrated with your existing student portal via its APIs and component-based architecture.

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