Innovation Lab

Technology is an ever-changing industry, and problems can arise. Where does your organization turn to address these problems?

As thought leaders in the industry, Fulcrum has developed an internal Innovation Lab to research both new and existing problems for our customers to safely navigate the “technological jungle”. Our experience allows us to trouble shoot the problem, provide recommendations, and ensure our customers stay ahead of their competition.

Graphic Design Guide:

  • Story of an out-of-shape person (our customer) going to a Gym.
  • This person looks at all the different machines in the Gym and doesn’t know where to begin (“Treadmill” can be Automation. “Bike” can be Machine Learning. “Weight Bench” can be AI.)
  • This person meets with a Personal Trainer (Fulcrum) at the gym.
  • Personal Trainer depicted asking the customer some questions (This is an assessment).
  • Depict the trainer showing the person how to use each machine and exercise properly.
  • Depict the person as happy and “in shape”.

Whether you want to transform your business, advance your career, or simply find out more about what we’re doing.