Fulcrum Innovation Lab

The Fulcrum Innovation Lab is focused on co-innovation with clients and on managing the innovation process for them to leverage next-gen technologies to power up new ideas in a safe and risk free environment, and take the best to their end clients.


From ‘ideas to Industrialization – i2I’
Industry Solutions: Fulcrum Digital has experience and expertise across industries – food services, insurance, supply chain, education, banking, financial services, legal, healthcare, life sciences, ecommerce – and can develop solutions from ideas in these industries through our experts in the areas.

IOT: More and more our business ideas involve talking to devices to create transformative digital experiences. Labs facilitates that.

Enterprise Architecture: The ideas need to be designed for scale, our enterprise architecture enables just that, keeping in mind key aspects of speed to market and agility.

Big Data and Analytics: Leverages Big Data and Analytics to create substantial opportunities in product development aligned with customer demands, forecasting their profitability and production.

Automation and Human Computer Interface (HCI): All design and automation is eventually for human comfort and we see it as vital for our thinking to adaptive solutions, automation and cognitive computing, towards intelligent digital transformation.

Prototyping Workshop: Rapid prototyping is enabled through our prototyping abilities and facilities.

Agile Team and Collaboration Enabled: Fulcrum Innovation Labs consists of agile teams that work collaboratively with each other and the clients, and are enabled by systems for the same.

Leverage partner strengths: Best of breed technologies that are needed can be onboarded

Mentorship, Guidance and Governance: Mentoring and guidance by experienced innovation coach . Oversight and guidance by a joint Innovation Council with representation from Fulcrum and Client Leadership teams.

Fulcrum Digital Methodologies: Designed to make your innovation more predictable and successful

Innovation cannot be relegated to a single flash in the pan. It has to be a way of life. And for that, a predictable, tried and tested methodology is an imperative. Our Managed Innovation methodology deeply rooted in an understanding of customer journeys, human behaviour, social dynamics helps create superior client experiences addressing real business needs.

Idea to Industrialization (i2I)

Fulcrum Digital Advantage

Fulcrum Digital has experience in simultaneously running incremental innovation, enabling multiplied innovation and creating space for disruptive innovation. With experience comes the right team with deep domain expertise, as well as expertise in operations and technology. With experience also come the right investments in tools, technology, approach and methodologies that make Fulcrum Digital a compelling partner for Managed Innovation.

Fulcrum Digital is aware of what it takes to align all these efforts to the business strategy, and to help its clients enrich their own customer experiences possibly leading to new market share, revenue growth and sustained innovation

Leverage Platform – through Fulcrum Digital’s FulcrumOne

FulcrumOne Platform built on services-based principles and architecture consists of an interoperable set of services that can be brought together to create apps and workflows based on the specific client need and context. A symbiotic set of technology capabilities and components form the platform. A services-first versus applications-first mind-set is one of the main attributes of this loosely coupled, interoperable platform – much like Lego blocks (services) that can be easily rearranged to meet different needs.

Whether you want to transform your business, advance your career, or simply find out more about what we’re doing.