Our consultants can help make the journey easier. From customer
orientation, higher compliance, as well as reduced risks, costs and
complexity – we use the best technology for your specific needs and enable
faster decision making for Financial services enterprises, to help harness
better business models for tomorrow.

Consulting Services


Any enterprise that in anyway deals with personal, confidential or sensitive credit card payment data, needs to get it right with PCI DSS Compliance. Our Consultants are experienced and qualified to deliver services in this area, as also with PCI DSS-ISO 27001 Integration.


We help achieve GDPR compliance for your business, protecting data and ensuring privacy for all individuals of the EU and the EEA. Through compliance assessments, risk assessment for non-compliance – we can help mitigate all associated risks.

Open Banking

An imminent concern with open banking is that confidential personal data may get compromised in transition between banks and third party providers. How can you keep your open banking safe and secure?

Fraud Prevention

Would you like to save millions lost in fraud? We help financial institutions with fraud prevention and process consulting – helping reduce false positives and faster fraud detection, Improve investigator efficiency, increase detection rates and proactively monitoring.

Real Time Payments

While payments are becoming faster through modernization, they are fraught with risks – service disruptions, system failures, increased fraudulent activity, additional cybersecurity exposure affecting safety and security of financial organizations.


With the convenience of a single interface between various systems through UPI, comes digital identity risks. Our consultants help with vulnerability detection, technology assessment, functional and process controls to ensure transactions are safe, secure and seamless.