The client is one of the world’s leading providers of quality educational services to colleges, schools and universities with 90 campuses and 90,000 students across the world for post-secondary education. Fulcrum was brought in to provide UI/UX support to create a user-friendly and highly functional user experience with aesthetical HTML development.

Efficient/Intuitive Look and Feel

Portal Efficiency

Campus Coverage

Business Challenge

The client was using a student admin portal to upload and store key information. Their existing portal design lacked UI/UX capabilities. They needed to enhance the UI/UX of the portal with aesthetical HTML development making it more end user friendly and efficient. UI/UX support was required for this portal development following a standard file structure, code standards, CSS standards, and UI standards.


  • Fulcrum helped implement UI along with aesthetical HTML development.
  • Fulcrum’s UI/UX SME worked very closely with the product owners to understand the basic structure of the portal, such as File Structure, Code standards, CSS and UI standards.
  • UI/UX SME aesthetically beautified the portal pages using standard documents/information provided by client.
  • Thoroughly implemented changes in the HTML development in parallel to complete solution development and implementation.


  • Portal pages were improved with a 100% efficient and intuitive look and feel.
  • Following development standards, the code was optimized to double efficiency.
  • Additional recommendation of UI/UX best practices further enhanced the portal and was met with positive feedback from users across the over 90 campuses worldwide.

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