Digital technologies are becoming an enabler for change in higher education, impacting all areas from teaching and learning, to administrative business processes. Although digital transformation is already happening in the educational sector, many institutions are still lagging behind. Failure to execute can have a negative impact on their organisations’ processes and student retention.

Current digital disruption in the education sector is motivated by the growing cost of tuition; alternative digital learning channels; enhanced competitiveness; need of better user experience; institutional challenges; greater agility and flexibility to the raised expectations of students, faculty and staff. According to recent research by DIGARC , 80% of prospective students judge an institution by its website and 70% of the information they’re looking for is in the academic catalogue.

Yet, many Higher Education institutions align their efforts with simply maintaining status quo with their administration and enterprise systems. There are considerable challenges to get any organisation future-ready by leveraging new technology and data to transform processes and modernise systems including lack of available resources, lack of support for wider organizational change and declining public sector funding.

According to IDC’s recent survey on European education institutions, only 25% of institutions are currently or about to embark on their digital transformation journey. Hence, many University leaders view digital transformation as key to improving their existing processes either by partly digitising their current operations or creating new digital models parallel to their current model.

The annual CISG-PCMG Conference and Exhibition highlights how several institutions are dealing with this, and the role that professional communities and third-party suppliers can offer in terms of support, consultancy and collaboration opportunities. Fulcrum Digital is delighted to continue its long tradition of supporting this event as an exhibitor, providing an excellent opportunity to consult and network with its team – Rob Moores, Client Engagement Director and Shyam Sridhar, Director of Business Development.

Our digital transformation assessment is based on a rigorous and comprehensive framework, helping drive your digital transformation with add-on services including:

  • An Innovation Lab to explore new ideas
  • Technology and architecture assessments
  • Service augmentation/outsourcing evaluation

If you plan to attend the CISG-PCMG 19 conference, come to our exhibition booth and learn how our digital transformation advisory service can assist with your digital transformation journey.

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