The client is a leading global payments and technology company. They wanted to automate the deployment of code, reduce the overall cost of releases, and improve compliance with inbuilt security checks. Fulcrum Digital helped them with infrastructure management services and release management.

Reduced overall cost

Improved customer satisfaction

Reduction in manual effort

Business Challenge

The client was struggling with complex deployments, multiple technologies, and a complicated customer technology landscape. A partner capable of continuously integrating these different technologies and streamlining the deployment process was a key deficiency in their digital growth. The client turned to Fulcrum Digital for that need.


  • Provided infrastructure management services
  • Automated seamless code deployment, code validation and saved time
  • Saved the overall costs on resourcing the deployment
  • Improved release times from monthly to hourly cycles 
  • Increased compliance with inbuilt security checks


  • 65% reduction in the overall cost of releases
  • Saved time with faster release processes by 60%
  • 5x improved customer satisfaction with the frictionless deployment of releases 
  • Reduced the overall manual effort by 75% with automated deployment 

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